As an industry leader and socially responsible corporate, you recognise that your competitive advantage is driven by your leaders, who provide vision and deliver this. You often have to find senior persons who bring a fresh perspective. You have to address certain challenges with new individuals.

Our services for on-boarding senior persons:

  • Evaluation of new ideas
  • Validation of business cases

To address changes in the competitive environment and lead in uncertainty, you sometimes have to off-board employees. Today, your services may be limited to providing access to executive search firms, psychological evaluation or the option to learn a new language, coding or otherwise. But their real potential may lie elsewhere.

Our services for off-boarding employees:

  • Transition for senior executive to entrepreneur: Idea generation
  • From idea to startup
  • Preparation of business cases
  • Red-flagging technology ideas
  • Teams, IP, investors

Enabling your off-boarded employees to transition into entrepreneurship gives them wings. This is not only good press but provides future business relationships between you and the new corporates set up by your ex-employees.